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  TORONTO - “Ode to women”   è una poesia scritta da Liliana Conti e pubblicata nel volume “Illuminata! - A collection of inspirational poetry”. L’autrice, emigrata in Canada all’età di nove anni, riflette nelle sue poesie le sue esperienze di vita e la sua spiritualità.

“Ode to women”, scritta l’11 marzo del 2012 in occasione della festa delle donne, vuole essere una vera e propria ode alle donne. Un componimento, questo, che vuole celebrare la sorellanza delle donne ovvero il legame e la solidarietà. 
Il Corriere Canadese pubblicherà presto anche altre poesie di questa autrice.
Today, as we gather,
Celebrating the 'Sisterhood of Women'
I ask God on our behalf
that the Eden episode,
blaming women ...
'You ushers of evil on this earth!'
be stricken out of our mind, the books etc.
a total misunderstanding!
Adam stood there beside Eve,
in God's 'Shekhinah Glory' 2
He ate and blamed her,
"The woman you put here with me
She gave me some fruit from the tree,
And I ate it. "
Is that why ifs still stuck in your throat?
A reminder, none the less.
We thank you Jesus,
that as You walked the earth.
You took our marginalized womanhood
And gave us ...
new worth, new vigour, new love,
and made us equal among men!
Remember, Mary Magdalene ...
whose sin you washed away,
equal amid men,
a true disciple, she became!
Recall the woman ... for twelve years ill,
subject to bleeding - scorned and ashamed
deemed by men - UNCLEAN!
How boldly she reached and clung
to that tassel on your garment.
With instant healing,
You called her sister!
Equal among Divinity!
Joy engulfed her heart.
She ran, witnessing your love.
Do not forget, the woman at the well.
Samaritan -enemy, adulteress- ashamed.
Jesus, You threw her veiled shame far away
You gave her worth and a new beginning,
and a missionary she became.
Mary, your own mother,
gentle and humble,
submissive, in Divine accord,
In all the world blessed and hallowed,
Greatest among women, forever and ever!
Gratefully, we recall and give you thanks,
for the Mother Teresas of the world.
Perpetua the martyr,
While dying she sang your praises!
For Catherine of Siena
philosopher woman and theologian
For Rosa Park, bold and secure
Sitting where forbidden-
"We are blac/c', bellowed out her heart.
Equality she fought and won!
For Joan of Arc, heroine of France,
guided by your visions,
victorious marched into battle.
For Florence Nightingale,
whose helping hands, many soldiers healed!
Today ... Oh Lord help us - all of us women,
to understand our God-given worth,
to accept Your love,
Your comfort,
Your embrace!
Let us be Movers and Shakers
Pillars among pillars!
Let us light our passion
To set the world ablaze!
And when You see us, You will say,
"Well done my daughters, well done!"
Woman's Day March 11, 2012

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