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Gaetano Rao
TORONTO - Gentlemen, If our incomparable genius, “ DANTE “ and our fearless mariner-explorer “ CRISTOFORO “  were to read the article… “ Bold Design for New Columbus Centre” …., I imagine Alighieri would script you all into the Canto del Purgatorio  and Colombo would never want to visit such an ’ iconic’ structure for the Italian heritage to….. ……’ shine brightly for generations to come’ !  
At first reading of your presentation in Panoramitalia’s December issue, my ’meridionale’ instinct told me to just blink at such Cultural-Architectural illiteracy and to “ atti I c.... tuoi .... loro sono nel loro feudo….e  fanno finta di ’consulte’….dopo il parto segreto,   arrogantemente a’ nome di tutta la Comunita’ Italo-Canadese / Italiana “.
However, I am obliged to apply my responsibility, as an Italian patriot in Canada with substantial professional credentials to, on behalf of all in our community who are unable or timid for various political or business reasons, to express themselves about the   “language“ of Architecture or the “ teaching of culture ”, to draw your attention to the reality that what is presented as ’ bold design’  is just a glass mediocre office box which certainly evokes absolutely nothing “ Italian “ or “ Italian-Canadian “. 
I am aware that school boards historically are responsible for teaching children in mean soulless boxes, within a guise of ’ budget restraints ’,  you instead in this case have a huge responsibility to allow your architects some slack if not absolute encouragement to produce, at least, a physical exterior vision that truly ’speaks poetically-physically Italian’…….. not just another simplistically-naked, corporate-office, glass-box, purporting to enhance our future  generations’ identity…….. !  
The only icons visible to me in the ’Caramel ’ rendering, (how symbolically coincidental),…. are the flags !
Gaetano Rao is a Toronto architect.  The opinions expressed in  this letter to the editor do not necessarily reflect those of the Corriere Canadese, its staff or editorial team.

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