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TORONTO - Italians, and by extension Italian Canadians, are criticized for their many shortcomings. Generosity, remorse for having done wrong, desire to make amends (where possible), the assumption of personal responsibility for one’s actions and respect for the dignity of others do not fall into that category.
That fact seems to have escaped members of the Lamborghini Brigade. You know, the super rich who flaunt the “toys” that money buys. The ones who ingest all the alcohol and drugs that their body’s dependence on vice will permit. The ones whose grip on reality slipped a long time ago. 
Their parents and grandparents, who laboured hard to provide those benefits might well repeat a Biblical lesson: what does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul? It’s a lesson Marco Muzzo must have somehow missed.
He is the heir of a multi-Billion dollar empire – net worth, $1.8 billion according to postings on internet service providers. The annual revenue on that alone, based on a 5% return on investment, is a mere $90 million. It would be $144 million if the return were a little closer to what industrial experts target at 8%.
It is a problem for the money managers of the Muzzo account. Whether 5% or 8%, they’ll manage somehow. Marco is an important guy. 
In either event, Marco, who may serve the next seven years in jail for having killed three children, their grandfather and injured their grandmother and great aunt, will still earn between $630 million and $1.008 billion as a guest in Her Majesty’s prison/hotel, at today’s rates. 
Marco will not have to pay rent, although it costs the Canadian taxpayer in excess of $117,000 per year to provide for him. Nonetheless, jail is hell … and one has to find a way to keep oneself busy … or rehabilitate.
Somehow, someone convinced Marco that, notwithstanding the terrible automobile accident for which he acknowledged fault, he should not have to pay the amount - $ 25 million – sought by the Neville-Lake family in Civil Court for the loss of Daniel, Harrison and Milagros Neville-Lake and Gary Neville.
Too much money, he says in the Statement of Defense. He would be prepared to pay one third of that … $8 million.
So, what value does he place on the lives of his victims (who were neither drunk nor suffering from a drug addiction)? The judge will want to know from Muzzo. Here’s a thought: if the three children and their grandfather would all have lived to the statistical life expectancy of 80 years, then the Muzzo estate would be responsible for a combined 237 years of payments, or $34, 720 per person, for each year of life. No adjustments for inflation.
It’s is not quite $90 million to $144 million per year, but one cannot be too careful with one’s money. 
Here’s a word of advise to Marco: you have already destroyed your family name; shut up; pay up and hire a communications strategist to help you get out of the mud in which you are wallowing.

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